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On June 25th 2009, the world lost a legend, a true fallen idol. You could not have grown up in the 80′s and not be inspired by his music, his moves or how he completely changed the music industry as we knew it. Michael-mania lived in all of us.

To commemorate his life and celebrate his accomplishments, my cousin organized and coordinated an amazing tribute party that was truly “off the wall”.

Everyone attending was asked to pay homage by dressing the part, and I immediately went online in search of something a little different that I could continue to wear long after the party was over. Luckily, I found a vintage shirt that was worn in the beat it video…and it was my size.

Unluckily, it never arrived!

I contacted the shipper to find out the package had been returned to sender as undeliverable…and due to unknown circumstances, the item could not be redelivered in time for the party.

Screw it! I’ll make my own shirt. It’s what I do.

I quickly made a call to a friend who owns a screen printing business and asked him if he could produce a one-off shirt for me.

sp : “Yeah, no problem. When do you need it?”
me : “Tomorrow.”
sp : “Tomorrow? It’s 2 o’clock on Friday…hurry up and get me the artwork!”
me : “I haven’t created it yet.”
sp : “You’re #*@%ing killing me!”
me : “I’ll get it to you as soon as possible.”
sp : “$*%@! #*@%!”

The shirt received a lot of attention throughout the night and was the topic of many discussions…SKULLebrities was born. Born from death.

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