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September 21, 2009

The Tribute Party That Started Somethin’.

The invite that would eventually launch SKULLebrities.

Even Pudge got in on the action. This is also the night that will forever be remembered as the first official introduction of the Moonhump!

Since it was our cousin Danny’s birthday a few days prior, a dual-purpose cake was definitely in order…The cake read, “Stop Whining…You’re Only 30! eDANuel Lewis, Michael Jackson and Brooke Shields at The 26th Annual Grammy Awards, 1984″

Here we see a perfect example of “the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing”…and as for the roll of toilet paper on the bar? That’s there for the guests who get shit-faced!

Some of the more popular menu items included Neverland Ranch Dip & Veggies, Moonwalk Pies, Off The Wallnuts, as well as (but not pictured), Manicotti in the Mirror, Ma Ma Se, Ma Ma Sa, Ma Ma Cous Cous and Corn Too Soon.

The birthday boy performs a wonderful rendition of “Happy Birthday” to himself and followed it with a never-before heard version and acoustical masterpiece of “Man in the Mirror”.

In order to protect the guilty parties involved and avoid any legal action for what was to occur next, we are sorry to say, we have shown you all we can.

2 responses to “The Tribute Party That Started Somethin’.”

  1. wouldntuliketoknow says:

    haha! these photos do not reflect what went down that night at all, it was fuckin insane. damn that was a good time. mama se mama sa mama couscous. lol sick basterds

  2. iwasverydrunk says:

    don’t forget about the PYTini
    those were good. maybe too good!

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